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Gaming Laptops in Dar es Salaam
Gaming Laptops in Dar es Salaam

This is a series of posts that explores some of my favorite laptops in the market, with some of the best looking ones available now.

It’s one that I’ve had the pleasure of following around at my own pace with my wife since they moved here in 2016, and for quite some time in general.

But it’s all new to me.

I’m not saying it isn’t interesting. I mean, sometimes I just sit back and watch the latest and greatest, and the new.

Anyway… a lot of people have asked before and I’ve had some great things to say about my new laptop. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not saying there aren’t any of you out there, but as of this writing there’s a handful of laptops out there with great screen sizes and great RAM.

Some of these laptops only have 2 screws that hold the lid shut, i.e. that you have to twist at the top to unlock it.

I didn’t write about my new laptop, it’s also not for everyone.

There’s also some other good reviews from people who also have this idea and have taken to the market. Gaming Laptops in Dar es Salaam
Just be aware that it is very, very small (only 3 pieces, really). At the moment of writing this review it’s a very short review, mostly about 4 MB or so.

It’s worth noting though
Gaming Laptops in Dar es Salaam are very cheap, but the 2x USB 3.0 port can also be purchased from Amazon for around US$300 for Windows / Mac with Amazon Pro + Windows Pro + Amazon App. Once connected, you can run your games on the display with the same settings or with a new, custom controller and buttons.

You can also build your own game in about 2 minutes using an ARG controller or the same controller sold by Apple. You’re limited to getting a few options, but we recommend going with one I found online for around $10 or that’s only about $1 more.

One of the features of the NVIDIA Gamepad is that it can only be used on the head unit while driving. If you’re driving a car, it might get a bit confused if it’s supposed to be steering. This can cause a crash and possibly your GPU too, if you are driving in a certain area.

The USB connection on a GamePad can also be removed during power-up or from my setup. It does allow you to play back up to 3rd party content, like an MMORPG, games or online games. I can see having the Gamepad on the head unit being easy to use during a game and playing my games on it will keep the head unit on in the background for a bit. Unfortunately it’s very limited to gaming on the head unit and if you try to use the gaming controller on